Back Office Services

The Principle Group, a Global service provider now offers Back Office Service for more than a decade. We are one of the largest resources in India offering  services in the USA and Ranked amongst the top 20 Fastest-Growing RPO companies in India offering services in North America. We provide financial back-office service for companies looking to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost structure of their financial operations. Back Office Services include Payroll Management, Account Payable, Accounts Receivables, Debt Collections, and others. We provide enhanced insights into their financial procedures and greater scalability at a lower cost to our client.

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Back Office Work - Invoicing (AR & AP)

Work with our experienced AP/AR executives to set up invoicing procedures and organize your accounting workflow.

Accounts Payable
● P2P (Purchase to Pay)
● Supplier Reconciliation
● Payment Process
● Handling Supplier Calls

Accounts Receivable
● O2C (Order to Cash)
● R2R (Record to Report)


● Designed by “Payroll Professionals” for Payroll Professionals.
● Accurate and Automatic benefits Calculations.
● The most compliant solution in the industry.
● It’s not “Complex” to us.

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The Principle Group provides third-party collections to companies interested in recovering accounts beyond the effective window of their first-party efforts. Clients receive a favorable return on investment from an agency that is committed to helping them increase profits without threatening their reputations or consumer’s loyalty.


A solution for growing your portfolio of business service offerings without adding staff.
We provide an all-inclusive back-office accounting solution in a scalable, cost-effective way by outsourcing your entire accounting function. We’re constantly improving, researching, and developing new and better ways to manage finances. Let us focus our experience on your finances, reduce your hazard, also equip one to focus on building a great business enterprise.

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We are Skilled

Get the finest talent professionals to deliver results on your terms.

Cost Saving
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  • . Proven Accuracy
  • . On-Time Delivery
  • . A Dedicated point of Contact
  • . Country-Specific Payroll Reporting
  • . Experience Stress-Free Global
  • . Payroll Management
  • . BACS Auditing
  • . A Consistent Global Service
  • . Payslip Delivery to Employees
  • . Tax and Social Security Reporting
  • . Direct Payment to your Employees in their Local
  •   Currency