RPO Trends Infusion Of AI

Although artificial intelligence (AI) is already in place for a long time, an active breakdown in the recruitment technology landscape has begun a few years earlier. Today, AI is the major subject in HR technology for recruitment.

RPO trends infusion of AI

Automation and AI have become a major interest for businesses. In fact, Forrester predicts that by the end of 2019, 40% of enterprises will have automation centers. Forrester analyst Michelle Goetz said she is surprised that more businesses haven’t already identified “AI was a way to get better business results…” 

RPO will provide value to companies seeking to implement AI and automation throughout their operations. Top RPO firms are dedicated to using AI and automation to produce data-driven strategies and results, fully fitting with an overlapping data-driven business model.

With the help of RPO companies, the business will be one step closer to completely automated operations. Throughout 2019, the gig economy, in which freelancers take on short-term projects for businesses and even perform multiple tasks simultaneously, is expected to continue. This change has forced businesses to become more flexible – especially when it comes to hiring.

This year, RPO will trend towards total talent acquisition, bringing together “the outsourcing of the recruitment of contingent workers and permanent staff.” With the help of RPO firms, businesses will no longer have to worry about short-term projects, which have become more and more common, with long-term roles. Both requirements will be covered by a high-volume recruitment strategy and other tested RPO strategies. 

Total talent acquisition will remain the focus of RPO firms in 2019 and beyond. We live in a time where RPO services have changed the way we recruit and hire. In today’s time, everything is about the trend. Though they come and go and come again, which makes the best of these trends will certainly ride a success.

Refining the employer branding  – The talent market is highly competitive and the thing that makes everyone unique is their approach to recruitment process outsourcing services. Being a compelling employer brand, Principle RPO increases your chances of acquiring more qualified and genuine employees by up to 50%. In addition, having a strong digital presence can reduce hiring costs per resource. A survey conducted for RPO staffing proved that employer branding is the top priority of every candidate.

Involving Automation in HR –  Automation has evolved so much that it has revamped amazing recruitment solutions. About 74% of employers have shown interest in implementing automation in most parts of the HR department in the coming decade. The Principle Group has also implemented AI in recruitment. The Principle Group is using Artificial Intelligence for candidate search and screening. This will eventually result in fewer human errors, manual workloads, and smoother HR processes. And you can always rely on SA Technologies for a well-structured automated recruitment system.

More use of analytics – Using data-driven tools has helped many recruiters to simplify the complex process of hiring skilled talent. Recruitment process outsourcing services are more efficient when the hiring team decides to recruit with the help of analytics and data. Principle RPO has a vast amount of data to perform every task of AI very well. Also, have a heavy amount of candidates pool available in our ATS with a combination of different skill set like DBA, ERP, developers, testers. Most technology staffing companies prefer analytics because it provides them with valuable insights. This also helps them to identify the scope of improvement and make quick decisions.

Soft Skills are equally important – Having many years of experience in recruitment, it has been theorized by Principle RPO group experts that in the near future, the main competency that will help a resource get a job will be its soft skills. The list also includes communication skills, problem-solving ability and an enthusiastic approach. If we give the same importance to soft skills for imparting technical knowledge, we are bound to experience around 20-30% growth in our business.

Candidate experience – A major factor Principle Group believes that a candidate’s experience can actually play an important role in the success of the organization. In addition, negative hiring can also affect the company’s products, services, and customer relationships. Talent hiring is also largely on the referral system. This ensures a good chance of getting the right candidate from a reliable source

Since we are already heading towards the end of 2019, I think there will be

significant growth in 2020 as well.

Some more tech trends in RPO Recruitment 2019 are: 

● Applicant Tracking System (ATS)  ● Artificial Intelligence  ● Administrative Automation  ● Candidate Assessment tech  ● Increased adoption of Data-driven Recruitment Methodology   ● Boost in Recruitment Advertising through means of content